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school and corporate programs


Adventurelore School Programs are designed based on the needs and desires of the participating school. The programs are designed to demonstrate and practice effective forms of teamwork & communication, foster social emotional learning, develop leadership qualities, improve self-efficacy beliefs and create a fun, healthy sense of connection in the school community. Our programs range from small group designs (as small as 4 people) to groups as large as 200. All programs (including our public speaking engagements) involve the use of adventure activities, adventure therapy and experiential learning to provide insight and understanding. Our programs are always designed collaboratively with the school. They range from single day programs to ongoing therapeutic groups for smaller populations. Please call to discuss and design the program that best meets the needs of your school.


Adventurelore works collaboratively with your business or administration to develop the appropriate program for you. All of our program designs use the experiential learning process to create a powerful, interaction experience that will improve the quality of your business and the lives of those who work there. A mix of adventure activities, presentations, group processing, low ropes course, high ropes course, and water adventures are all part of the corporate package depending on program design and location.

Our Corporate Programs

focus on the following:

  • Develop and Improve Leadership

  • "Out of the box" problem solving

  • Increasing effective communication

  • Develop positive relations in the workplace

  • Stress Management

Customizable Program Options


5-6 hours, 10-70 students or staff,

(1/2 day programs are available)

AM   |   Greetings & Icebreakers
The first hour will be spent getting to know your students and helping them to get to know each other through opening introductions and a series of “ice breaker” games. As we move through these activities our staff are assessing the group dynamics and needs of individuals.

Team-Building Activities
During this portion of the workshop students will work together to solve problems using the experiential learning model. The activities are designed to make them think “out of the box” and all activities require healthy teamwork to be successful. Processes are focused on communication skills, group roles, and the attitude needed for success.

Large Group Activity & Lunch
Large group activities vary based on age appropriate activities. They usually include a healthy level of challenge and competition. The focus of these activities are to provide success and fun within the school community. Plato said it best, "You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation."

           Ropes Course and/or Waterfront
The time and structure of these activities is heavily dependent on the size, need, and make up of the school group, often allowing student choice. Some students opt for the challenge of the ropes course and others tend to enjoy the swimming, kayaking, and canoeing on the lake.


1 1/2 - 2 hours, 10-150 students or staff


A combination of public speaking and psycho-educational programming are used in conjunction with adventure activities on your site to help spark students and staff with helpful insight into their school community. Please refer to the chart above for processing keys we can focus on for your school.

Full days are usually 4 to 6 hours long, but can be customized during the design process with your school.



Working with a smaller population within your school we provide on going adventure-based therapy programming to increase self-esteem, self-efficacy, communication skills, motivation to achieve and “bullying” behavior prevention. Populations we often work with include students that are emotionally handicapped, learning disabled, are on the autistic spectrum, and those with some level of cognitive impairment. Working with populations this way allows us to assess the groups progress over time and continue to help them improve areas of weakness as the year goes on. Most of our programming is done on site at our Headquarters in Danville, NH and other adventure sites in southern NH. 


Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Anti-Bullying (through experiential learning), Adventures in Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy, Developing Sensitivity and Healthy Communications in the Classroom, Stress Management, Developing positive relations in the classroom


Creativity in the Classroom, Success working with ADHD, learning disabled, and emotionally handicapped students

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