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Specializing in the treatment of ADHD, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder,  learning disorders, social struggles, interpersonal conflicts, and high functioning autism (formally known as Asperger's).


 Adventurelore counseling provides individual and group therapy to children and adolescents, as well as consultation with schools and families. We use experiential learning and cognitive behavioral therapy to bring the counseling experience to life. Our program is designed to enhance the psychological growth process of children and adolescents who have a history of social, emotional, behavioral and/or academic difficulties. Adventure-based counseling takes the best of what is known in the psychology of human behavior and makes the principles come alive. The natural environment brings excitement, challenge, emotion and draws a more positive sense of self to the forefront. For the client, the experience is real, it is powerful and it is lasting. It is our goal to help each person improve their self-esteem and self-efficacy beliefs to establish a greater sense of well being. Adventurelore Counseling Program is particularly appropriate for developing a more positive social-emotional level and establishing healthy behavioral attitudes. Such growth helps clients function more effectively in their home, peer groups, and the educational environment.

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The counselee's specific needs are assessed through child and parental input, his/her educational and health history, psychological reports, school reports and general observations.

A key focus of our therapeutic interaction is to enhance self-esteem, self confidence, communication, and social skills. As the child's self concept improves, a subsequent decrease in anxiety and depression is likely. When defenses are yielded, increased receptiveness to further therapy is evident.

The norm for us has been to help the unsuccessful child begin to experience small successes that promote a new pattern of success while slowly discarding behaviors that do not work. The adventure-based counseling program allows the therapist to establish a strong relationship with the young client early in the counseling process allowing a smooth transition to any traditional approaches that might be integrated.

Although the supporting traditional therapy is eclectic, a cognitive approach is the most common complement to our activity-centered procedure. The use of subsequent group sessions provides for the counselee to practice his/her pragmatic skills and obtain real and immediate feedback.


Our adult counseling carefully assesses each client's needs to help determine a positive course of action. We help our clients see their strengths, address their weaknesses, and reach their potential in all domains including family, relationships, and career. Our goal at Adventurelore is, as always, to address all aspects of one's life.

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